Grand JiVanté Increases to a 3 Star Facility


Grand JiVanté is pleased to announce that their star rating has increased from a two star facility to a three star facility.

The star rating system is through CMS and conveys to consumers and the general public how a nursing facility ranks.  It is similar to the five star concept used to rate hotels, restaurants, and other businesses. However, the CMS five star rating is more encompassing than a traditional rating system.

"The five star system is comprised of four elements that make up the overall rating of the nursing facility", explained Brooke Webb, Administrator. "The components are overall staffing, RN staffing, quality measures, and survey history". The quality measures is what most people would equate to the overall quality of the nursing facility as it looks at the quality of care the organization provides".

"When you look at our five star ranking, we actually have a five star rating when it comes to quality measures so we are so grateful for all of the hard work all of the team members are putting in to make us a great facility", said Webb.

The lowest rating came from the survey history where Grand JiVante received two stars. "Picture that category like your driving record", said  Korey DeBerg, CEO.  "If you get pulled over for speeding, that stays on your record for three years. Same thing for DIA surveys for us.  We had a couple years with poor survey experience and we are just waiting for those to fall off and that by itself will improve that component".

"I am personally extremely pleased with the progress we have made as an organization over the past few months and am looking forward to future progress", said DeBerg. "We will keep working to improve our quality even more so as our survey history improves, our rating will continue to increase".

CMS announced this summer that the five star rating may be frozen for a period of 12-18 months due to all of the new requirements hitting nursing homes and CMS wants to ensure consistency and accuracy in their reporting.  As new updates come available, we will post them.

Grand Jivante Admin