LIVING services

Grand JiVanté offers an array of services to best serve you and is much more than a traditional nursing home. In addition to extended care, Grand JiVanté also provides memory care, inpatient rehabilitative therapy services, apartment living with independent and assisted living options, and adult day services aimed at keeping you in your home longer.

We are aiming to redefine senior living in Iowa — review our services below to see how we are doing that.


Independent Living


You have worked hard your entire life to provide for your family and now it is time to enjoy your retirement. The Genesis Place apartments are spacious one or two bedroom apartments with a beautifully landscaped courtyard in a quiet and peaceful community.


At Grand JiVanté, we want you to live an independent and carefree life.  Our tenants do not have to worry about maintenance, lawn care, snow removal, or repairs on any of their home appliances. You will have the peace of mind knowing exactly what your monthly costs are no matter what goes wrong or what may break.

Tenants are welcome and encouraged to come to the daily social activities on campus whether it be having wine and cheese, participating in devotions or attending church, going to the casino, playing cards,  or going fishing at Prairie Bridges.

The Genesis Place apartments provide you a comfortable apartment in a quiet community with many social activities to keep you and your friends entertained.  Come embrace life with us instead of retiring from it.


Assisted Living


Apartment living never looked so good. The Lofts Assisted Living opened in January 2013 after going through a complete remodel and renovation and the end result was high-quality, modern, and innovative apartments.


The Lofts are a transition between Genesis Place Independent Living and the Nursing Facility.  As a tenant of The Lofts, our staff are able to provide more time and assistance to you than if you were in Genesis Place.  Our staff are here to help you with medication management, laundry, housekeeping, dressing, and many other daily living functions. We have three different service plans available as we know not every individual is the same and will have different wants and needs so we cater a program that works for you.

As a tenant of The Lofts, you are welcome to participate in campus activities that include baking, wine and cheese social hours, card clubs, casino trips, bingo, and many more. 

You will feel comfortable and at home in our beautiful apartments in a quiet town with many activities to keep you busy. Come embrace life with us, don’t retire from it.


Extended Care


This is not your grandparents nursing home!  Throw out every perception you may have about extended care as it is truly different at Grand JiVanté. We are redefining senior living in Iowa.


We have many activities throughout the day to keep you entertained. From wine and cheese social events, to a Pepper and 500 card club, Bingo, fishing trips, church services and devotions, and with our numerous other games, puzzles, and activities, you are sure to stay active. All of our food is home cooked so you will enjoy three hearty meals each day.  We also do not believe in having residents share rooms so all resident rooms are private.

Our focus is also on wellness and making sure you are living the highest quality of life that you possibly can.  Our nursing and therapy team will work with you to maximize your strength, improve your gait, work on fall reduction, and bladder control. Our goal is not to just maintain your current health but to make you healthier and as independent as possible. We also have specialized and highly trained nurses and therapists on our team that can work with a variety of medical complexities, including IV fluids and wound management.  


rehab/skilled Therapy 


We get it.  The last thing you want to do is have surgery — no matter how minor or insignificant that surgery may be.  However, sometimes surgeries are required and we can make the rehabilitative process much more enjoyable for you here at Grand Jivanté.

Comfortable recovery services

Consider doing your therapy with us where we will provide you with a modern private room that includes a private bathroom and a flat screen TV.  You will have daily activities to choose from as well as delicious home cooked meals.


What to Expect

A plan focused on YOU! Our goal is to focus on you and to get you back home using our specialized therapy equipment to help you heal quicker. 


On the day you arrive, our attention focuses on you. We work with you to determine your goals and develop a progress plan based on those goals and your wishes. We want you functioning as independently as possible, as quickly as possible.  If you can’t participate in therapy on your first day due to pain, we can utilize equipment that doesn’t require you to work your muscles, but will help begin the healing process.

We have highly trained physical and occupational therapists who have a deep set of clinical skills to treat a variety of medical complexities.  This allows them to focus on your plan of treatment and maximize a strategy to get you home quicker.

We have the people and therapy equipment to get you healed and back to your busy life as quickly as possible.  For questions or to talk to one of our therapists, please contact us.


Adult Day


Taking care of your dependent loved one can be challenging and tiring so putting your loved one in extended care might seem like the only option. Adult day is a new program here at Grand Jivanté aimed to alleviate the pressure of caring for your dependent loved one while also promoting their independence and socialization.

This new service promotes seniors to stay in their home as long as possible but has them coming to the campus for social interaction. 


Half or Full days — Flexible plans built around your needs.

We're here to help you when you need help taking care of your loved one.  


The program allows you to bring your loved one to Grand JiVanté during the day thus allowing you time to relax or get items checked off your to-do list.  You pick them back up at the end of the day, and can bring them back the next day if you would like.

We are able to accommodate half days or full days and you can bring your loved one day a week or five days a week for multiple weeks. The program was built on flexibility and caters to what you need.

While your loved one is here, they can participate in any of the ongoing programs throughout the campus and will be exposed to many new things.  If they would rather do crafts, watch TV, or read a book, they can also do that. They will be encouraged to try new things but they can find comfort in the things they enjoy if our daily activities do not interest them.