the early days 

Grand JiVanté was founded in 1936 when John and Elizabeth Rath donated their summer home to start a non-profit entity to care for older Presbyterians in Ackley.

John and Elizabeth built the mansion in 1878 to accommodate their growing family of nine children but donated it in 1933 to start the Presbyterian Home of the Aged.  The facility opened and was licensed for 10 beds but within two years, an addition was added and  increased the capacity to 18.


The Mansion

Built in 1878 by John and Elizabeth Rath to accommodate their growing family.  Fifty five years later they donated it to start a facility to care for older adults.  


In 1958, the RCF part of the building (now AL) was opened and could accommodate 45 people.  And for the first time in 22 years, people other than Presbyterians were allowed to stay in the facility. 

In 1967, the core of the nursing home was built which added 40 beds and in 1971, an additional 14 beds were added on the first floor.

In 1989, further expansion occurred with the additional of 24 more nursing home beds and in 1995, the Genesis Place apartments were built.



Grand JiVanté operates a 70 bed skilled nursing facility with all private rooms, an 11 bed memory care unit, a skilled rehab unit where individuals of any age can recuperate after surgery, a 9 bed Assisted living, and 10 independent living apartments.  Many outreach programs are also offered including outpatient rehab and Philips Lifeline.

Much has changed at Grand JiVanté since 1936 but one thing has remained the same: our mission to serve older adults. We are guided by our core values of: service, teamwork, accountability and respect. We are striving towards our vision to redefine senior living in Iowa. Come experience Grand JiVanté for yourself and learn how we are making memories every day, every way.


Our founders

John and Elizabeth Rath

John Rath