Ackley Medical Center and Grand JiVanté Renew Partnership


Grand JiVante has renewed its relationship with Ackley Medical Center, a Department of Hansen Family Hospital.   A couple of positive impacts for the residents from day one include an increased presence of Ackley Medical Center providers at Grand JiVante and the Ackley Medical Center serving as the medical director for Grand JiVante.

The Ackley Medical Center has always been going to Grand JiVante once a week to see patients as needed.  Darla Nederhoff, clinic manager at the Ackley Medical Center, inquired if it would be beneficial for them to be at the facility on a more frequent basis.  After many conversations, it was decided that providers from Ackley Medical Center would come to Grand JiVante on Tuesday and Friday afternoons as well for quick visits with patients and staff. The additional visits provide an opportunity for staff and patients to address any patient health or medication concerns between their normal weekend rounds.

“We are so grateful that the Ackley Medical Center is willing to have providers in our building two additional times per week”, said Korey DeBerg, CEO of Grand JiVante. “It is more convenient for our residents and provides an overall better quality of care for those that call Grand JiVante home”.

Dr. Hannnah Carlsen.jpg

In addition to Ackley Medical Center providers being at Grand JiVanté on a more frequent basis, Dr. Hannah Carlsen of Ackley Medical Center is now the Medical Director for Grand JiVanté. Dr. Carlsen’s responsibilities include the overall health and well-being of each resident of Grand JiVanté and determining ways to improve the healthcare model at Grand JiVanté.

“Dr. Hannah Carlsen is an impressive individual with an extensive medical background and I know Grand JiVanté and the care we are able to provide here will increase due to Dr. Carlsen’s involvement”, said DeBerg. “What is more impressive about Dr. Carlsen is her belief that health care doesn’t just happen at an office visit.  Dr. Carlsen wants to know her patients, their objectives, and their life so that she can provide the best experience possible for them.  Having Dr. Carlsen as the medical director will be a great thing for Grand JiVanté”.

Grand Jivante Admin