Job Title

Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) / Certified Medication Aide (CMA)


Director of Nursing /
Reports to Charge Nurse 


Not Applicable






•    Must meet current state requirements for Certified Medication Aide and/or Certified Nursing Assistant.
•    Must be a minimum of sixteen (16) years of age.
•    Ability to make independent decisions, to follow instructions, and to acceptconstructive criticism.
•    Ability to communicate effectively and work cooperatively with residents, personnel and stakeholders.
•    Ability to accept/seek out/incorporate new methods and principles.
•    Ability to organize, prioritize and implement Nursing responsibilities.
•    Ability to perform routine, repetitive tasks with frequent interruptions.
•    Numerical ability necessary to perform Nursing duties.
•    Good motor coordination and manual dexterity are required for various work routines such as lifting and transferring residents or equipment.
•    Must have a telephone or designated contact phone number.
•    Ability to work flexible hours.
•    Ability to perform essential job functions.
•    Ability to speak, write and read English an understandable manner.


Overall Expectations

Each employee is responsible to uphold the Mission, Vision and Core Values established by Grand JiVanté and to adhere to the Standards of Conduct as outlined in the Employee Handbook.



job duties

Administrative functions

•    Perform defined work duties according to established Nursing Services procedures and standards.
•   Review and follow schedule for assigned shift and duties.
•   Perform administrative requirements, as directed, such as completing and submitting necessary forms, reports, billing information, etc.
•   Coordinate daily Nursing Services with other Grand JiVanté Services to meet the needs of all residents.
•   Document all services in compliance with individual resident care plans and Nursing Services Guidelines
•   Use resources effectively and efficiently.
•   Participate in surveys (inspections) made by authorized government agencies or related entities.
•   Be knowledgeable of and follow Federal, State, and Grand JiVanté rules, regulations, policies, and procedures as they apply to Nursing Services.
•   Complete any other duties as necessary/appropriate or as assigned.


Medication administration functions (CMA Only)

•    Prepare and administer non-parenteral medication as ordered by resident’s physician(s) following Nursing Services procedures and standards.
•    Ensure that narcotic medications are stored, administered and recorded in accordance with established policies and procedures.
•    Know purpose, use and nursing considerations for all medications administered, and apply knowledge correctly. 
•    Consult charge nurse or reference material for correct information prior to administration of unfamiliar medications.
•    Request permission from charge nurse to give prn medication before administration.
•    Manage medication, supplies, equipment and disposal following Nursing Services procedures and standards.


nursing duties

•    Provide nursing care with dignity and respect, assuring that resident is accurately identified and that privacy is maintained.
•    Participate in and receive the nursing report upon reporting for duty.
•    Review care plans to ensure that appropriate nursing care is being provided.
•    Participate in admission, transfer and discharge of residents. Welcome new residents and assist in orienting the resident and their family to the Grand JiVanté.
•    Assist residents with daily personal care with privacy and respect– bathing, dressing, oral care, hair care, shaving, toileting, etc .as directed.
•    Assist with lifting, turning, moving, positioning, walking and transporting residents into and out of beds, chairs, bathtubs, wheelchairs, lifts, vehicles, etc.
•    Prepare and/or transport residents as directed for meals, examinations, appointments, activities, etc.
•    Assist residents in care of their room and belongings, assuring a safe environment.
•    Observe, record and report any condition changes of the resident to the Charge Nurse as soon as possible.
•    Measure and record resident temperature, pulse, respirations and weight, as instructed.
•    Collect specimens as instructed (i.e., urine, sputum, stools, etc.).
•    Observe and record food/fluid intake, output, nature and frequency.
•    Assist in restoration program as per resident’s plan of care.
•    Respond to resident calls promptly and check regularly, or as instructed, to observe, assist and assure that they are comfortable, clean and dry and that their needs are met.
•    Assist in admission, transfer and discharge of residents as instructed.
•    Provide post-mortem care as instructed.


Safety and Environmental Functions

•    Assure that residents have a safe, clean, and comfortable environment.
•    Follow all established safety, infection control and universal precautions and procedures when performing nursing services and when using equipment and supplies, including use of restraints, if applicable.
•    Follow routine/terminal isolation procedures.
•    Report all hazardous conditions or equipment, accidents and incidents according to established guidelines.
•    Know and comply with fire and disaster plans; follow established procedures during drills and actual emergencies.
•    Dispose of waste daily and in accordance with established environmental services procedures.



•    Perform job duties with a positive approach, communicating a willingness to work cooperatively as part of the Grand JiVanté Team and creating an atmosphere of warmth and community.
•    Anticipate, identify and respond to the needs of others in a respectful and accommodating manner.
•    Take initiative to plan, prioritize and follow through on responsibilities.
•    Seek out, act on, and evaluate new ideas and solutions.
•    Perform all assigned tasks in accordance with Grand JiVanté established policies and procedures, and as instructed by supervisor. 
•    Report to work as scheduled. Report absences according to policy.
•    Attend department and staff meetings
•    Complete in-service training as required in a timely manner.
•    Participate in opportunities that enhance personal and professional growth.


Resident Rights

•    Maintain confidentiality of resident information per HIPAA regulations.
•    Report reasonable suspicion of crime per established policy.
•    Assure that the residents’ personal and property rights are maintained by assigned personnel.
•    Report all complaints and grievances made by the resident.



Working Environment

Hazardous Exposure Category

Inherent potential for contact with blood, body fluids or tissues. Appropriate protective measures are required for every employee engaged in Category I tasks.

Physical Requirements: Lifting Requirements

Medium work—Exerting 20 to 50 pounds of force occasionally, and/or 10-25 pounds of force frequently, and/or up to 10 poundsof force constantly to move objects. Physical demand requirements exceed those for light work.



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